Sunday, February 19, 2017
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The HOPE Class (12 weeks)
The Story of God's Promise for All People

Purpose: To explore the basics of the Christian faith by looking at the person and life of Jesus Christ. There are two levels of classes for both believers and seekers.

Every Friday 6:30 PM
CMA church, 308 Elmhurst St.
Includes dinner, singing, and Bible discussion
(3 classes).

Cost: Free, but donations to the church are accepted.


Ongoing Groups

English as Second Language (ESL)
Tues 12:15 to 1:30p Evansdale Library, Room 200.
Thrs 12:15-1:30p Evansdale MRB Bldg. Room 280.

English/Bible class (Ginny):
Fri 9:30-12noon
CMA Church, Rm 203

English class (Susan):
Sun 9:15-10:20a CMA Church, Rm 203
(Rides available - call Chuck)

Spanish Bible Study -
In the home of Don & Amada McDowell. Call the church office for information.