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Hi Kids! Pastor Tony here!

Just a word to say... “I MISS YOU ALL A BUNCH!”

Let’s pray hard every day that God will heal us all and we can come together for worship again!

Until then, I have some exciting challenges for you at home that you can do to keep us all connected and involved in serving the Lord! May is officially the month that we celebrate our mothers so here are some things you can do to share with us in that celebration. Below are some ideas for the month of May:

Make a short video and send it in to the church office that shows you saying three thing as to why you love your mother. It should start out, “I love my mother because….." You can use signs, etc.

Decorate a door in your house “Celebrating your mother for MOTHER’S DAY." Take a picture so we can post it on our website.

Also this month, make a phone video of a short scene that you create from the Bible: David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions, etc. Use items in your home, get everybody involved and be creative. It can be Old or New Testament! Send us the video that we can post on our website. I am excited about what you will do.

Finally, here are two pdfs that you and your parents can do together on prayer. Click here for a Lord's Prayer Coloring Sheet and here for a Prayer Hand For Kids. Send me your best colored prayer page and we will post them on the church windows… We want our community to know our KIDS PRAY!

Please email your pictures and videos to or send them through the mail to CMA Church at 308 Elmhurst Street, Morgantown, WV 26505.



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